Different types of posts that should be in an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is a monthly plan that most marketing and advertising agencies use today to make a planning out of all the content that they will be sharing on social media on a monthly basis. They will change from time to time and are aimed at getting better footfall to the business, increasing engagement and driving traffic as well. However, if you keep on posting the same type of posts every day for the month, people will lose interest in what you have to say and the brand will become very monotonous. Here are some of the main types of posts that you can include in your editorial calendar.

Product posts

Product posts are exactly what they are named after. You market the product to the audience in a very straight forward manner where they know that you are marketing a product to them but you do it in an interesting way where the audience will be intrigued. Do not include product posts all day everyday though because when the content gets all about selling alone, customers tend to get bored and more over will feel like you are spamming them and will simply unfollow you on social media.

Engagement posts

Engagement posts will make up the majority of your monthly plan. When you say an engagement post it could lean towards a few different ideas. You can post really interesting general facts or you could post facts about the product or the brand itself that is more along the lines of fun and trivia. However if you want to actively grab the attention of customers and get them involved in buying your product or service create things like competitions, GIFs and the likes to get them to comment, react or share what you have posted. That would be the best way to get some interaction and also drive more footfall to a business.

Generally interesting non-product related posts

Generally interesting posts could be fun facts, trivia, historical facts that has a connection to the product of course but does not involve the product that you are selling. For example, if you produce toilet papers, you could post something about how the first ever toilet roll was made. the generally interesting posts can also be snippets of weekly blog posts that are linked to the actual website or the blogging site of your company. This way you get people to actually go above the social media page and visit your website or your blog to read something that you have to say about your products or something related to it.

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