How to Improve Your Content Strategy In 2019

Creating content in 2019 is a whole new monster. The social media feeds and news sites have become competitive more than ever. Just about everything online is trying to grab the attention of your target audience. So how, in this environment, can your brand’s content stand out?

If your content marketing plan is more than a year old, it’s definitely time to upgrade. Here are several elements to include in your content strategy that will make promotional efforts stand out, grab attention, and lead to higher conversions:

Quality Matters, Quantity Doesn’t

Still spending money on publishing a steady stream of content regardless of quality? Then your brand is only wasting money. What matters nowadays is the quality of content, not the quantity.

As mentioned earlier, the competition for online eyeballs is at an all-time high. More content, therefore, doesn’t necessarily mean more attention to your brand. If you want consumers to spend time looking at your brand, then offer them high-quality content.

High quality content is engaging, interesting, and addresses questions or issues the consumer may have. Therefore, spend more money on making each piece of content better, rather than on flooding the internet with videos or blog posts.

Churn out More Visual Content to Increase Engagement

What grabs attention online in 2019? That would be content that is highly visual in nature. Market data from multiple sources show that online consumers are increasingly watching videos and using visual aids like infographics to perform pre-purchase research. That means your brand should be investing in video production Melbourne to get the target audience to pay attention.

It’s not enough to just grab their attention, it’s important to engagement them as well. Potential customers engage by sharing content and commenting. Visual material, like videos and photos, are more likely to get shared or commented on. Therefore, your content plan must allocate more resources to creating visual content.

Focus on a Niche or the Target Audience

Don’t underestimate the power of singular focus when it comes to engaging audiences with content. If your brand has a niche, stick to it. If not, find a niche. Your content is most likely to get shared when it’s highly targeted. Otherwise, the content would be lost in a sea of other generic promotional material no one looks at.

If a niche is not the focus, zero in on the target audience. Make the best use of the data you already have available on the target audience for the brand. Design content based on their unique interests, likes and concerns. Being focused in this manner is the best way to drive engagement.

Use Influencers in Content Marketing

Want content to go viral, or at least get shared a lot? Social media influencers are often used to promote products. Likewise, you can use influencers to promote content as well. Influencers can make content go viral. It’s also the best way to trigger social media sharing. In all, social influencers are an excellent source for getting your content more exposure.

Your content market plan would immensely benefit by having a focus in 2019. Aim to drive engagement with content by making material more visual. Use video as a storytelling tool to reach a vast audience that loves to share links. With these tips, you can amp up a deteriorating content plan in the New Year.

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