How to not design your marketing campaign

The world is going through a digital transformation every minute of every day. We as a race, have come a long way when it comes to technology, advertising and the likes. However, this transformation is not yet complete and will only continue to increase and improve over the next few years. Therefore, when you design a campaign for a brand you need to be very careful. The customer market that you are dealing with today, is very different to what it would have been five years ago and the consumer knows everything now, or at least that is the general idea. Here are some ways in which you should never design a campaign.

Having even a slight hint of discrimination

You know very well that the majority of people that you see on social media today are very strongly opinionated and can get triggered for some aspects that would be considered discriminative. While trying to figure out what are triggers are what are not is problematic given that almost somebody is upset about anything that you can come up with, you can easily think of ideas and themes that avoid broadly triggered topics like race, religion, skin colour, ethnicity, personal values, body types and the likes. If you are a regular on social media you will already have an idea of the kind of posts that could backfire. So try and avoid sensitive territory at all times.

Help but do not be obvious about it

If you want to give the idea that a product can make a customer’s life easier, by all means go for it but word it right so that it does not sound like the customer is weak and your product will somehow make them stronger. Putting your customer down and telling them that they need to pay your business to feel good about themselves. You need to only promote the fact that the customer can get some assistance that will really make their life much easier with your product or your service.

Sounding non relatable

The customers should be able to relate to your product or your service. If they are not able to form that connection to your brand no matter how good the campaign was or how much you spent on it, it will all go to waste. Develop a story line that will go with your concept and build up on it to tell a story to the customer. Create real life situations that everybody can imagine and can happen at any given time. Use characters that are plausible and can be related to as well.

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